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10-Nov-2017 10:26

Mechanical: Rear cover, Increase the thickness of Rib to improve the Main Cam deviation Rear cover, Increase the chamfer to fit the change of battery tape Rear cover, Decrease the thickness to increase the gap between Battery and Rear Cover Camera Ring, modify the Rib of Camera Ring to avoid the interference A Cover, increase the mark of PLE Change front camera sponge to conductive sponge, to resolve defense issue Power Key: modify the key dimension to improve key feeling Rear cover, increase thickness of NFC pad Rear cover, increase thickness to resolve the front cam deviation issue Rear cover, modify the gap between rear cover & A cover to resolve assembly interference issue It’s good to know that HMD didn’t stay still while FIH Mobile was struggling with production, but listened to consumer feedback and analyzed the performance of the device on the Chinese market, thus making changes like enlarging the power button or changing some materials for better performance.Hi I'm trying to pick right version of this device: 1.move to other vehicles if needed, Visit posted by yellowroseoftexas53We are searching for video surveillance systems to purchase for our route buses.Thanking you in advance for any suggestions/recommendations you may have! to expand it? needed for some games and apps which runs / update only on internal memory.

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Change coil material from FH5 to FH7 to improve coil heat resistant.

The surveillance equipment you need is car monitoring system.

I just noticed 2 new options in the Preferences menu (Part design / General tab).

We DO have several "Red Light Runners", but cameras for that will have to be funded a different time.

Thanking you in advance for any suggestions/recommendations you may have!

Can anyone recommend a low cost, but yet effective system to purchase?

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