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01-Nov-2017 12:41

Would they be paid hush money to go away and never speak of it again?

After all, just look at the case of MK Nissan Slomiansky.

When a man abuses the power of his office and position and gets away with it – until the day it all comes crashing down.

Over the past week, through media reports and firsthand testimony, dozens of women have accused Weinstein, a powerful Hollywood executive, of harassment, assault and rape, with some accusations dating back 30 years.

In the US, then-Fox News chairman Roger Ailes was accused last year of dozens of counts of sexual harassment over the decades of his career.

He resigned, was paid million by Fox, and became an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Katsav attacked his employees, both as tourism minister and later as president.

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The MK refused to resign and police said those women who agreed to file complaints were outside the statute of limitations.

In virtually all of these cases, there have been those who have sought to defend the men involved and attack the veracity of the women’s claims.