Dating a non muslim man

21-Jul-2017 20:37

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Customs will vary from country to country but one thing is certain: any Muslim raised in a Muslim society is going to feel more or less obligated to order his marriage by Islamic law.

This is a primary fact that anyone considering marriage to a Muslim must keep in mind.

Here are several practical suggestions one might offer to help her sort things out.

She should first of all ask him if he has a wife back in his country--or elsewhere. She should also ask about his family: What will they expect of me (and of him)?

This problem should be tackled seriously from all sides.

Allah Almighty might will that the husband embrace Islam, in which case, the marriage would be lawful under the Islamic law.

The father then would be pleased, first, for attracting a new person to Islam, and second, for guaranteeing that his daughter would lead a life according to the Islamic Law.

She should bear in mind, above all, that like it or not every marriage to a Muslim is affected by Islamic law, whatever the country of residence. Islam is not just a faith; it is a way of life that is governed by Islamic law.

The Muslim is obligated to live by its values and requirements wherever he might live.

Perhaps a close friend or relative is considering marrying a Muslim. (I say "her" because the vast majority of cases are women.) Maybe your friend has already made up her mind to marry him.