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After her attempt to murder Julia Santos, she was arrested.

The daughter of Krystal Carey Chandler and Tad Martin, she was born April 11, 2007 at Chandler Mansion with the help of Krystal's step-daughter Colby Chandler.

It could happen for her, but the guy better be ready to put a ring on her finger and deal with her drama almost immediately after the first date.

, print edition, May 7, 2012] It’s almost the end of April, so why is US reporting on a flirtation that happened at the beginning of the month before to the Maksim incident?

Named after Tad's late sister Jenny, she is the half-sister of Babe, Marissa, Jamie and Kathy and the goddaughter of Jamie Martin and Colby Chandler.

Although her real name is Hazel, she renamed herself Krystal because she liked the character Krystle Carrington on Dynasty.

Not only with her close friends but with everyone on set.

Hungarian princess, married to Jake Martin and Ryan Lavery.

“I guess it’s always a surprise when your friends announce they are pregnant.” Hewitt, 34, and Hallisay, 34, have been together since March 2012 when the two were spotted on a romantic week-long Figi getaway. “The great thing about it is that I know she’s going to be a great mom and he’s going to be a great dad.” Now, it’s all about trying to come up with the perfect congratulatory gift…